Tilson Trach Guard

Is the Tilson Trach Guard right for my patient?

Indications for Use

Tracheotomized Pediatric Patient
The Tilson Trach Guard is designed for use on tracheotomized pediatric patients.At Risk for Occlusion
Chubby chin, poor head control, other neuromuscular difficulties. The Tilson Trach Guard is helpful when your patient is off the ventilator and hasn’t been decannulated.


History of Accidental Occlusion or Unidentified Episodes of Oxygen DesaturationHistory of Readmission for “Mystery Problems”

Reductions in alertness, setbacks in physical or mental development, and increased susceptibility to illnesses may be caused by unobserved hypoxic episodes due to tracheostomy occlusions.

Contraindications for Use

Requires Continuous Ventilation
If your patient is continuously ventilated, his airway is maintained by the ventilator circuit. The Tilson Trach Guard is not used in this situation.Requires Resuscitation
Remove the Tilson Trach Guard if it is necessary to resuscitate your patient

Special Considerations

Requires Continuous Humidification of Inspired Air
A humidification collar (trach collar) can be used over a Tilson Trach Guard to provide humidified airUses Speaking Valve
If your patient can use a speaking valve, great! Some of our patients use a speaking valve during the day and a Tilson Trach Guard at night


Requires Constant Supplemental Oxygen

A trach collar can be used over a Tilson Trach Guard to provide supplemental oxygen

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