Our Mission

At Beevers Medical Solutions we work to bring peace of mind to patients, family, and caregivers by providing products to ensure patient safety and comfort. More specifically we focus on products for neonatal and pediatric respiratory care.

Our motto for the last 17 years has been, “Sophisticated Protection Doesn’t Have to be Complicated.” Since September of 2003 we’ve been experimenting with “Improving Respiratory Care by Simplifying it.” Both these statements are founded on our love for our patients and our hope for a better tomorrow.

We have committed to making products available that are critically important to our patients, even if these patients don’t have the population to interest larger companies.

Company Profile

In 1987 Beevers manufacturing and supply; now Beevers Medical Solutions was incorporated for the purpose of making the Tilson Trach Guard available to kids who needed it. Then in 1993 we introduced the Cannulaide, followed in 2006 by Sticky Whiskers cannula securement device. We use well-established U.S. firms to do our basic manufacturing operations and we handle the R&D, marketing and fulfillment operations at our office.

Our president, Kate Beevers, has been a practicing respiratory therapist since 1974 and has pretty much “seen it all and done it all” from general floors to the ER, clinical instructing and a variety of intensive care units. Currently she works at a regional hospital in their Special Care Nursery one day a week to keep her finger on the pulse of the respiratory care field. Kate truly is the creative spark in our company and it is her indomitable “can do” spirit that gives rise to our products.

Our vice president, Tim Beevers, spent twenty years at Hewlett-Packard as an engineer and R&D project manager developing products ranging from computer peripherals to cardiographs and defibrillators. If you use these HP products you might still find Tim’s name etched somewhere inside. It is Tim’s knowledge in the areas of regulatory, quality assurance, development engineering, marketing, project management and business operations that keep us on track for the “boring” parts of our job.

We like, whenever possible, to get out and visit our customers. We enjoy sharing stories about the “good saves” and we also enjoy those talks in which we have no answers, but plenty of empathy for the difficult jobs our customers face.

As we say at Beevers Medical solutions, “It’s all about the babies.”