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Baby Fact Friday #11


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Did you know?...

A Babies babbling means they want to learn?

Within their lantern's light, babies do focus . And when they do, Goldstein told LiveScience, "they usually make a sound to convey interest". Mainly, babbling – the nonsense syllables babies spout – is "the acoustic version of a furrowed brow," Goldstein said, signaling to adults that they are ready to learn. Eliot also said. "The only thing we know of, that makes babies smarter, is talking to them," she told LiveScience, emphasizing that dialogue is best, where a parent responds within the pauses of an infants' vocalizations.

Did you also know? The word “Baby” is thought to come from the babbling they make? As in “ba-ba-ba.”




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Author: Jewell Sherbourne

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That is an interesting fact.. Now I will listen and babble back to them when they pause. :D
Posted @ Monday, February 11, 2013 5:20 AM by KC @ genxfinance
When a baby wants to learn own self, it is more effective period to enhance their talent. Learning is a process which can't be done forcefully. This situation is very rare in case of a baby as they have no sense to understand anything, they only feel emotional attachment and completely depend on their parents for everything and it is the responsible of parents to understand all needs of their baby and take proper care of them.
Posted @ Saturday, August 02, 2014 4:30 AM by Christopher
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