Johnson & Johnson's Amazing Nurses 2013

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“From in-home profGloriaKessional caregiverto Emergency  Room specialists and military  medical service personnel,  nurses make an impact on  our lives every day. In  celebration of their  dedication, we want to  highlight Amazing Nurses who  make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Nurses take care of and heal so many of us.” - Johnson & Johnson                              

 Every year Johnson & Johnson seek out an award worthy nurse who deserves to be recognized for their selfless acts and unbelievable ability to care. Nominated by Stacy McAllister, this year that award went to Gloria Kindzeka, RN from Hiawatha Home Care in Coon Rapids, MN.

Stacy McAllister submitted this inspiring story about the love and compassion Gloria showed her and her daughter Kate: “After a 41-day stay in the NICU, our daughter Kate was finally able to make the transition from hospital to home. That's also when Nurse Gloria came to work full-time in our home. We knew that Gloria was special from that very first night when she sang to my daughter and held her lovingly through the night. At first, she provided overnight nursing, but when my daughter's condition necessitated a shift to daytime nursing, Gloria rearranged her life to not only help Kate make a smooth transition to days but also to stay with her. Once—it was just ten days after finally returning home—Gloria noticed a change in Kate's vitals and behavior, and urged us to take Kate to the hospital. To our surprise, Kate had to have a shunt immediately placed in her brain for hydrocephalus—had we waited she could have had brain damage. Another time, Kate came home from the hospital and didn't look well, so Nurse Gloria watched her through the night, administering emergency medications and doing everything possible to keep Kate from another trip to the hospital. She has loved her and cared for her above and beyond her nursing duties.”

Gloria Kindzeka, RN

When interviewed by Nursing Notes on September 27th, 2013 Gloria stated, “It’s just knowing that you can make a difference in someone’s life. Just knowing that the nursing care you give to this child really helps the child, the transition that you give to this child. You know how you watch your child who was told in the hospital that will never walk. Because of the little therapies that you did, change everything. They were able to eat. They were told they would never eat before. The change you see is very rewarding. I always thought before it’s the outcome, the outcome of what you do because you see a progress, you see a change in this child and then the smile.”

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Gloria Kindzeka, RN - The 2013 Amazing Nurse

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