Picture1Product Details:

    • Non-toxic
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Special-purpose
    • Medical-grade
    • Surgically-clean
    • Low-profile
    • Double-sided hook and loop fastener strip
    • For use in NICU, patient care hospital settings and home care settings



In its most basic definition, Grippies sticks stuff to other stuff. 

You can use Grippies on or around your patients and don’t have to worry about their skin being scratched or irritated. Since most hook and loop products don’t always hold up well to hospital laundry, Grippies is a great alternative; it isn’t attached to anything. Grippies is a free floating, disposable hook and loop product that is almost infinitely adjustable.

Just roll it out, cut it, and use it.





         Grippies FAQ

Grippies Technical Data Sheet  

 Grippies Material Safety Data Sheet  

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      GR101P  5 Individually packaged rolls
      GR101C  150 Rolls - 30 individually packaged rolls of 5packs