Mini Whiskers®

Round Mini Whisker


Mini Whiskers is the industry’s first cannula securement product tailored specifically for babies less than 2000g. The product is designed for the best care in prevention of skin irritations and breakdowns. For those NICU’s and Caregivers who demand only the best care for their little ones; Beevers now offers a full range of securement products for protection against skin irritations and skin breakdown when nCPAP, Oxygen and NG/OG therapies are required.


Product Details

  • Attaches with gentle, non-irritating hydrocolloid adhesive
  • Help keep cannula in place directly under infant’s nose with soft, low-profile Velcro®
  • Allows for easy repositioning of cannula
  • One size fits all
  • Can be used for securing OG/NG tubes





 Mini Whiskers Technical Data Sheet