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HF Cannulaide Clear

"Let it flow-safely"! Introducing the HF Cannulaide Clear a cannulaide made just for high flow systems. Unlike the regular cannulaide this one does not create a seal and is made of gentle medical grade silicone.




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Grippies is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic,Medical grade, Surgically clean, Low-Profile, Double-sided hook and loop fastener strip, For use in the NICU, Patcient care and hospital settings, and home care settings.

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Luma Wrap

Luma Wrap is a transculcent, highly breathable, phototherapy-compatible infant swaddler. (Aprox. 90% light permeable) Made of non-woven material for use in the NICU    

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As many as 10% of all babies born in the US can benefit from some degree of breathing support. The Cannulaide can improve the quality of the CPAP seal for your patients.

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Sticky Whiskers®

Keep the "O"'s in the nose! Sticky Whiskers helps keep oxygen cannulas and feeding tubes in place with a gentle hydrocolloid "landing pad." Secure nasal cannulas gently with Stciky Whiskers.

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Mini Whiskers®

Mini Whiskers is the industry's first cannula securement product tailored specifically for babies less than 2000g; Mini Whiskers is designed for the best care in prevention of skin irritations and breakdowns.

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 Tilson Trach Guard

Sophisticated protection doesn't have to be complicated. The Tilson Trach Gaurd is the simple airway protection constructed of a smooth, tough, medical grade plastic. Which is to be used in conjuntion with Trach masks and still protect the airway when shifted from side to side.

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Trach Tether®

Keeps your Tilson Trach Gaurd safe and secure.
No more worrying about the Tilson Trach Gaurd falling to the floor during cleaning.