Tilson Trach Guard


Protecting the exposed trach from accidental external occlusion.

The Tilson Trach Guard is a tracheostomy tube protector. It helps prevent blocking of the tube opening by chubby chins, bedding, gauze dressings, clothing, and so on.

Unlike artificial noses, tee pieces, etc. the Tilson Trach Guard has a low profile and doesn’t get clogged by even copious secretions or coughed-up mucous plugs. The Trach Guard is reported to be effective at stopping or deflecting these bits so they are not projected forward.

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Is the Tilson Trach Guard right for my patient?

Product Details

  • The Tilson Trach Guard’s many openings allow easy air exchange and secretion removal even when copious secretions are present.
  • It is very difficult to compromise air flow through the guard.
  • What could be simpler to apply? The trach guard is secured with a friction fit on any standard 15mm tracheostomy tube.
  • The guard has a large central hole easily admits up to a size 14 catheter for routine suctioning.
  • Only needs to be removed for cleaning or when the patient is connected to a breathing circuit.
  • Collar provides a secure grip to facilitate its easy removal.   even when there are slippery secretions present.
  • Constructed of a smooth, tough, medical grade plastic that does not chip or shatter and remains resilient
  • Can be used with a trach mask and still protect the airway should the mask be shifted to one side.
  • Bright blue color makes it easy to see it is in place, even under the trach collar.